Aadhe Clothing

Aman Gill is a multidisciplinary queer non-binary south Asian artist from Toronto, Canada. Aman has always been interested in helping others. They decided to try fashion design because they love to express themselves through what they wear and was frustrated by the lack of colour and boldness in fast fashion retail stores, especially in streetwear. From that they started Aadhe; a unisex streetwear brand inspired by graffiti and street art with an inclusive and socially conscious mindset. Aadhe is vibrant, statement-making, high quality and comfortable. It also values inclusivity, representation, empowerment and sustainability. All the artwork is also made by Aman Gill themself! 


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Annguyenart caters to those who have grown up dreaming of mermaids, unicorns, and witches. Whether it is a pin, a sweater, or a tote bag, each product is designed from scratch with the utmost care and quality in mind. 

** Note: Up to 2 weeks for processing and shipping 


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Apothecary Bois

Apothecary Bois was founded by Evan Schilling, a queer and trans Radical Faerie living on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishnaabeg, and Haudenosaunee peoples (Waterloo). Evan first started foraging with their immigrant grandmother while she searched for wild greens, and herbs she could not find commercially in the supermarket. When not out on hikes or in their kitchen, Evan works full-time as a librarian. Evidence-based research informs all of Evan's foraging, recipes, and formulations. 

Apothecary Bois makes small-batch, wildcrafted skin, beard and hair care, bath medicinal, home, and gourmet products. All goods are handmade with love in Canada using reusable and recyclable packaging, and sustainable foraging practices. 

** PLEASE NOTE: While Apothecary Bois bath soaks are available all year round, the wildflowers, wild herbs, and plant ingredients will change with the seasons and availability. Please email us at if you would like a custom formula 

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Rikki Ellul is a Canadian born Maltese entrepreneur and a local Toronto Queer artist creating live edge woodworking projects, resin art, and some paintings here and there. Rikki makes custom one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards, desks, river tables, benches, and many other items. He is normally known in the queer performance scene as East King Productions who created the show Kings and Classics but with the lock down and all live shows being cancelled, he decided to walk in the footsteps of his father and grandfathers and start handcrafting one-of-a-kind wood projects.

BlacWalnut is a queer owned wood working company based out of Toronto, Ontario. We mainly specialize in custom one of a kind charcuterie boards and offer all sorts of different shapes, sizes, prices, and colours. Custom engravings are also available ranging from $5 to $25, this can be a photo (depending on detail) or wording. Other items which are available by custom request are tables, river tables, benches, river benches, and many more live edge projects. ALL items are handcrafted one-of-a-kind original designs!

**Custom orders will take 2-4 weeks to be completed and delivered**

BlacWalnut also offers a charcuterie board “Fit to Your Budget” program providing a options for folx who want a board but have a limited budget, although a minimum of $65 is required. All products used are 100% food safe and vegan friendly!

**Allergy Alert --> Please note that the wax/oil used to finish each charcuterie board or cutting board contains coconut oil**

Head over to our social media on Facebook and Instagram @BlacWalnut to check out more of our work and give us a follow, like, and share!

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Campfire Diaries

Campfire Diaries is a small candle company founded by two queer sisters living on opposite coasts of Canada.  
Ari runs the shop from Toronto and all the candles are hand-poured in small batches using 100% soy wax and a blend of paraben and phthalate-free fragrances. Inspired by poetry and her love for the outdoors, she wants to be able to curate fragrances that will relive or create moments of love, happiness, and adventure.

Originally from Ari’s sister's diary entries, the poems on each candle are based on real-life moments and memories. We always believed that our olfactory memory plays a crucial role in evoking beautiful moments of our lives and that was how Campfire Diaries was born.

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Creators Closet

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For The Love of Queer Film

Invest in the future of queer stories by supporting Inside Out’s For the Love of Queer Film end-of-year fundraising campaign. All proceeds go to our grants and professional development programs.

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My name’s Macenzie, and I’m a young, black, queer artist living in Toronto. With my art I aim to utilize colour, ink, texture and digital art to create erotic cartooning by adding a queer, poc, femme gaze.

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Gender 404

Gender 404 is owned and run by two queer transgender individuals named Jax (they/them) and Sam (they/he)! Gender 404 started with our "The Future is Non-binary" t-shirt that Sam made for Jax and their friends a few years ago. Since then, Gender 404 has added new products, created an online shop, and even got (a little) better at social media! Everything is designed, made, and packaged with love from their tiny apartment in Toronto, Canada. 

10% of every order gets donated to BindersOUT, a binder exchange program based in Toronto, which offers trans and non-binary individuals access to affordable (and safe!) chestbinding.

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Gender Affirming Wear

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It's A OK

Affirming the belief that it is okay to be exactly who you want to be in life, proceeds from the four-piece It's A-OK collection is will go towards The Library, an online resource for youth, educators, and community organizations across Canada to freely access 2SLGBTQ+ short films and accompanying educational materials, and giving queer youth access to films and educational material that they don’t have in regular educational institutions.

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Juniper & Eve

Juniper & Eve was founded by Eva M, a fashion designer with an environmental science degree, who creates sustainable, small-batch underwear for EVERYONE across the gender spectrum. Her goal is to design inclusive garments, so that no matter who you are, no matter your style or what body parts you have, Juniper & Eve will have something that work for you! No gender labels, just comfy eco-friendly undies!  

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Keep It Queer

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LoveMknits is a queer, black-owned, slow-fashion knitwear company. Emma prides herself on the time and cares she puts into every hand-crafted piece. In order to be able to combine her love for classic high-end knit textures and yarns with her love for modern colours and styles, she started LoveMknits as a way to create the perfect custom piece for folks of all genders, sizes and ages.

Sustainability is also important to Emma. All the materials she uses. from her yarn to her shipping packaging is recycled, compostable or made from natural materials. Her goal is to be 100% eco-friendly!

PLEASE NOTE: if you are ordering an item that requires custom measurements please be sure to reach out to or once you have placed your order to submit your measurements (items specified in descriptions)  

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Mando and the World

Mando (Amanda Wand) is a queer, Toronto-based, abstract intuitive artist that uses creativity to understand her lived experiences and emotions. Amanda fell in love with the cathartic process of self-expression after creating her first painting 16 years ago and has been creating ever since. Intuitive art helped her accept her queer identity and discover more about herself. Amanda's artwork can be defined as vulnerability in colour. As an empath, with a background in Sociology and Social Justice, her work is heavily influenced by how people treat themselves and others. It explores concepts of connectivity, identity, and self-worth. Her artwork is uniquely honest. Amanda uses bright colours, and large strokes varying between softness and elements of texture in her creations to explain universal feelings that sometimes cannot be expressed with words. She has exhibited her work in galleries in New York City and Toronto. 

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Monster Cliché

Monster Cliché is the devil's baby of staying up late watching anime and stumbling upon some questionable content. Created by a full-time fat, disabled, non-binary queer, Monster Cliché can be summed up as blunt as hell, anime-inspired, weirdo realness

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Pack Animal

Created by brother sister duo Maxx & Sherrol from Toronto - we take pride in bringing you not only stylish and affordable apparel, but products made with the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in mind.

What started as a line of gender & sexuality affirming undies has now grown into a much wider range of apparel for everyone - a line of all inclusive fitness and activewear that empowers every-body to feel their best, no matter what gender, shape or size you are. Feeling confident and comfortable never looked this good!

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Pardis Pahlavanlu Illustrations

Pardis Pahlavanlu is an artist and illustrator living as a guest between Tkaronto (Toronto) and unceded Coast Salish territories (Vancouver). Using various printmaking media, she digs into the topics of mental health, exclusion/difference, and diaspora in hopes of finding new ways to imagine and reflect on her surroundings and experiences.

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Queer Film is Essential

To support our creators through these uncertain times and into an uncharted future, we ask you to raise your voices in support of queer film and filmmakers.

Join us in telling the world that now, more than ever, Queer Film Is Essential. All proceeds go to our grants and professional development programs. 

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We’re Operation SOAP, a Canadian Pop & Pop Shop!

We’re dedicated to producing premium quality apparel that looks cute and feels great at an affordable price. Our apparel is designed, printed and shipped all over the world from right here in Toronto. We produce all of our pieces in small batches so if we’re missing something you had your heart set on, send us a note ( and we’ll see what we can do.

All of our garments are produced to last using state of the art production processes via socially conscious manufacturing wherever possible.

A portion of profits from every single sale will go to support queer charities and advocacy groups. To date, we’ve supported Maggie’s, The 519 and the Black Youth Helpline.

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Theirs & Theirs started as a pastime during the first lockdownNonbinary duo Aly & Minette began handcrafting genderless apparel and accessories for themselvesThey’ve run out of closet space but not creative energy, so they’ve begun sharing their pieces with the world. In an effort to reduce waste, each item is made-to-order to customer's measurements when relevant. Check out @theirs.n.theirs on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest leathers, fabrics and designs. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you are ordering an item that requires custom measurements please be sure to reach out to or once you have placed your order to submit your measurements (items specified in descriptions)  


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Toronto Dick Candles

Toronto Dick Candles is a home-run, “tiny” business which brings our love for dicks and candles together. Our dick candles are 6 inch tall and 100% natural, made from a blend of soy and beeswax. Each dick candle is hand-poured & hand-dyed, making them one of a kind. We source most of our materials locally and use eco-friendly packaging.

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urBasics was created by Ashley, a Toronto trans woman and her mom Eileen, to respond to the need for Canadian stores with gear for gender expression and affirmation.
The idea came to Ashley in the middle of the pandemic after not finding items in Canada that were affordable, comfortable and affirming. The urBasics collection was designed with the gender spectrum in mind, whether you're on the gender spectrum or not.
We launched the collection in May 2021 with gaffs, panties, bras and bralettes and will follow in June with packing boxers and gender-free boxers. We aim to have something for everyone. 
besides our collection, we offer a curated collection of gender expression gear for any point along or outside of the gender spectrum and for various stages of transition.

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Visible Subcultures

A subculture is a smaller cultural group within a larger culture; Subcultures develop their own norms and values regarding cultural, political, and sexual matters. Here at Inside Out, we strive to share the stories of 2SLGBTQ+ people through the art of film. We have always been here, and we will be seen. 

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We Are Power

Agustin Power (He/Him) is a queer artist from Uruguay. After finishing art school Agustin explored performative art on the queer scene in Barcelona, where he began his love affair with upcycling. He emigrated to Toronto in 2020, just before the pandemic hit. 

We Are Power was born, during lockdown, as a way to create new queer (virtual) connections in an unfamiliar city. We Are Power is an apparel brand for everyone who enjoys being seen. Our creation process is intuitive, action. Like a sort of Diogenes-pop where we celebrate the flamboyance by repurposing all we have accumulated.

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